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Mapping Women’s Health Providers

This bespoke data tool is designed to support the mapping of women’s health providers and services.

It enables the identification of service gaps or overlap to allow for the planning of women’s health hub services to meet evidenced local need. It supports commissioners and providers who are developing a business case for service redesign or bidding for funding.

How to use the data map tool

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Using the tool

This tool has been created to plot services within chosen locations to understand service availability. Choose your geographical area by postcode or town.

Select the location type

Choose the resources you want to map.
Add additional areas, location types and resources to build the information you require.
Reading your results
Each location type is denoted by a coloured marker.
Available services are shown as the number within the marker.
The key on the left hand side shows location type and services at a glance.
Below is a breakdown of your results. Your report can also be downloaded.
Enter report title:
Enter the postcode or address of the location you would like to plot on the map. This isn't a search tool so please have this data ready to input. If you need to plot more than one service per location, please re-enter the same address into the 'Add a location' bar.
Add a location:
Generate Report
Your list of locations may contain edits that are not currently reflected in the report. Please click the Update Report button above to sync any changes.
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0GP Practices
  • 0Fit IUS/IUDs
  • 0Fit implants
  • 0Fit all LARCs
  • 0Community gynaecology
  • 0Receives inter-practice referrals
0Women's Health Hubs
  • 0General contraception
  • 0LARC
  • 0Community gynaecology
  • 0Menopause
0Specialist Contraception and
Sexual Health Services
  • 0Specialist contraception
  • 0Community gynaecology
0Young People's Services
  • 0Young people's services
0Abortion Services
  • 0Abortion services
  • 0Contraception services
0Maternity Services
  • 0Maternity services
  • 0Contraception services
0Hospital Gynaecology Departments
  • 0Hospital gynaecology departments
PLEASE NOTE: Colours indicate service type and numbers indicate how many services are offered at that location.
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