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Step 1: Situation

Poor access to basic women’s health services leads to a rise in unplanned pregnancies, abortions and poor patient experiences. Women’s Health Hubs bring together existing services, providing integrated care and better outcomes for patients. Find out how to identify need in your locality and take the first step to creating a Women’s Health Hub.

STEP 1: Situation


This collection of practical multimedia resources equips you with everything you need to get started in creating a Women’s Health Hub, including how to map services in your local area and identify gaps in women’s health provision. 


Developing a Women’s Health Hub

What is a Women's Health Hub and why do we need them? This short animation introduces the concept of Women’s Health Hubs, how Hubs bring core ...

Making it Happen

This 'Making it Happen' talking heads video features four key experts sharing their extensive knowledge of building Women’s Health Hubs using ...

Situational Analysis

The next step in building a Women's Health Hub is to analyse your existing situation. This template helps you by identifying the demand for ...

Situational Analysis Data Tool

This Women’s Health Hub data tool aims to analyse female population, LARC prescribing rates, including by GPs and sexual and reproductive ...

Setting up a Women’s Health Hub in Hackney, a case study

This case study explores how primary care in collaboration with community gynaecology identified a gap in gynae management and adapted services ...

Setting up a Women’s Health Hub in Durham, a case study

This case study explores how a one-woman Women's Community Gynae Hub grew to serve the health needs of a patient population in Durham, taking ...

The Women’s Health Service in Guildford & Waverley, a case study

The following case study explores the development of a GP-led women’s health service for the patient population of a CCG in South West ...

Setting up Services, examples from England

Explore examples of Women's Health Hubs being implemented successfully in three locations; Liverpool, Manchester and North Hampshire. Develop an ...

Expert Highlights: The Women’s Health Hub Toolkit

The Primary Care Women’s Health Forum (PCWHF) has developed a range of resources for anyone interested in finding out more about how to create a ...

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