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Step 2: Solution

It is essential that we develop a more integrated approach to the delivery of women’s healthcare services. These resources will enable you to bring existing and external expertise together to offer a wider range of women’s sexual and reproductive health services to women in your area.

STEP 2: Solution


The multimedia resources below have been created by women’s health experts to support you in taking the next step in creating a Women’s Health Hub. The resources below present practical solutions to support you in creating a personalised project plan, a video and guide to set up a financially viable Hub model, and a plan for training a sustainable workforce.

Developing a Women’s Health Hub: Challenges and Solutions

The Primary Care Women’s Health Forum (PCWHF) has developed a range of resources for anyone interested in finding out more about how to create a ...

Guide to Writing a Successful Business Case

The business case template is designed to take you through the entire process of what to include in a plan to support the development of a ...

Project Plan

This template is intended as a guide to create a personalised project plan for developing a Women's Health Hub in your locality, from inception ...

Patient Pathways

A clear patient pathway is an essential tool to improve the patient journey and tackle both the financial and time costs of fragmented ...

Training Plan

This written resource has been designed to help you to identify the workforce required to develop and run a Women’s Health Hub – determine the ...

The Importance of Communication to Secure Buy-In

Communication is vital as Women’s Health Hubs are developed and launched, to enable buy-in and engagement from all stakeholders. Discover how ...

IT/ EMIS Interoperability

Good IT/EMIS interoperability is central to the success of any Women’s Health Hub service. Discover how Liverpool have achieved an efficient IT ...

Financial Planning

Creating a sustainable model of women’s health care needs careful financial planning. The purpose of this written guide is to demonstrate the ...

Financial Viability

This video will help you to develop an understanding of why it is important that women's health services are funded appropriately and are ...

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